Friday, July 22, 2011

Where has Dawn been?

Not blogging, quite obviously! I've wanted to get back to it for a while, but geez oh pete things have been busy!

I'm on, and have been on, a hiatus from school. It's certainly been good for my brain, but I am ready to get back to it. The last year went by very quickly, and I know that the others will as well. I'm still teaching regularly and enjoying that as usual. 

I'll try to be diligent to the blog again. It is entertaining to write here. I need to find something to keep me going. I may take requests on Facebook and post about them here. Hmmmmm...I like that idea. 

More to follow. :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

We should catch up.

I haven't posted since July 14. I'm so ashamed. I'm sure all (or both) of my faithful readers have given up on me. Well, I've been busy. Turns out they weren't kidding about this Ph.D. thing. It has consumed my time away from work. Even if I'm not working on a project I'm thinking about the next one. It's a bit annoying, but I'm truly enjoying the studies. I certainly feel like I'm in the field in which I should be working. As Sis always says, it'll be all worth it when I'm Dr. Dawn. 

Other than that, well including that, things are great. I'm just really happy right now. Of course things could be better in certain aspects. I could lose weight or make more money, but I'm just happy. So, I'm going to relish in that for a while. 

I'm missing my friends terribly. I haven't seen the angels in ages, Holli is gallivanting in Germany without me, and I have yet to make it to an MTSU football game this season. Although happy, I'm feeling a little disconnected from that world right now. I need to fix that. October 23. That's when it gets fixed. 

In other news, I can't get this guy off my mind. I would just like to find him and hug on him a bit. Remind him that I love him. 

I'll try to be more diligent to the blog. I do like to share. :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I have the greatest friends.

Work has brought me to Middle TN for a couple of days. I don't mind getting away, but I do miss my Harry dog. He is safely playing and stomping loudly at Sis's house. He may be the loudest dog ever. So glad the Turners are willing to keep him when I have to pick up and leave!

So, I'm in Goodlettsville. Any time I come in to town I search out a dinner partner. It's nice to catch up with people I don't see often and relax after a long day of training. This time it was with Tommy. You can find Tom over at Specs Appeal...

I stopped by and picked him up from his swell apartment over in West End and then we hit the stores. Well one at least. Tommy is a fan of West Elm and he introduced me to its wonder tonight. I can't wait to grab Sis, Stella and Nene and head this way. They will love that place and the shopping area around it. (and there may or may not be a 5 Guys right across the parking lot.)

After the quick shopping trip Tom and I headed over to Boscos for dinner. Great dinner, great fun!

I head home tomorrow. Thanks for hanging out with me, Tommy!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

I can't believe it's over. :(

Well, I'm home. Maui was a tremendous experience and one that I hope to have again someday. I also hope to take my family with me. Clampetts go to Maui will have nothing on us!!!

I came home on this big bird.

I'll have to admit that the trip wasn't as horrible as I was expecting. Yes 8 hours is  a long time, but with a little napping, a couple of movies, The Big Bang Theory (!!!!!) and lots of reading, I made it just fine. I don't think I want to do that once a week of anything, but it's not terrible.

I miss hearing the ocean. It's all you heard anywhere.

I'm glad to be home and getting lots of snuggles from the Hairy Dog. We've been VERY close since Wednesday afternoon. :)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Maui - Day five

We certainly saved the best for last, folks. Today we were up and out of the hotel by 6:30 to take the Road to Hana. Everyone will tell you that this takes all day. When they tell you that, believe them. I was in the car longer today than the flight over here. Seriously. And by the way, let's hear it for the Mazda 3. It has been good to us this week.

Check out the map below for the Road to Hana. Remember, we started in Lahaina. 

And yes. We drove the whole way. I already said we left at 6:30 AM. We got back to the hotel around 4:30 PM. BUT, we saw some amazing things out there.

Lush forests

Random wildlife

The most interesting trees ever - rainbow eucalypti. 

Lava formations

Real cheap pearls - allegedly. I didn't get close to them to check. 

Black beaches

Lava caves

And waterfalls - just gorgeous!

How many miles is this trip again?!?!?

Tonight we ate at Mama's Fish House. Let's see how I can describe it...delectable, amazing, scrumptious, wonderful, delightful, surprising, freakin' expensive, totally worth it, best food I've ever had in my mouth, noteworthy, award winning. That should sum it up. 

For appetizers we had Polynesian Lobster Soup - coconut milk base. Booyah! Polynesian Seared Beef in a grilled papaya - can I get an amen! Entrees were Macadamia Nut Encrusted Pork Loin with steamed vegetables and rice - I just picked myself BACK up off the floor. (We both had that.) And then we finished off with Chocolate Kuau Pie (think chocolate mousse on top of a layer of caramel on top of a macadamia nut cookie crust) and Creme Brulee. Ok - I just drooled. Again. 

Needless to say, we had a blast. It was a great ending to a great week. And I got to see a cruise ship. 

See you all soon. 

Monday, June 28, 2010

Maui - Day four

Things just keep getting better and better around here. After a discussion with the nicest people on the planet last night, we decided to try snorkeling at Honolua Bay today. We stopped at Boss Frog's and picked up some snorkel gear and then we took off up north again. This place was gorgeous. Turns out we had taken some pictures of it during our drive, but this time we were up close and personal.


Having never been in the ocean, I was in for a treat! I wasn't ready for the salt water - I will say that. I was caught completely by surprise. Snorkeling is also not my forte. I was a little panicky, but I attribute all of that to it being my first time in the ocean. I did see a few fishes and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Turns out my superior floating skills are very handy for the ocean. I spent a lot of time just floating around. So relaxing and so wonderful. 

After a shower and a quick nap - Mondale is amazed at my napping skills. Tittles can sing and we can nap! - we headed back out for more shopping. We had been doing mostly looking up to now, but today we bought souvenirs for us and our families. It was fun to pick out stuff for everyone. 

Dinner was at Cheeseburger in Paradise. Turns out that the original one is in Lahaina. It lives up to its name with amazing views and equally amazing cheeseburgers. I was the ultimate tourist here - coming away with the souvenir mug and t-shirt. Such a great experience!

I finally got something with an umbrella in it. My cheeseburger! HAHA - I moved it to my Diet Coke later. 

Another great night. Tomorrow we are leaving here at 6:00 AM for the Road to Hana trip. It comes highly recommended and I hope it lives up to the hype. I'm not a fan of 6:00. We are leaving that early though so we can make it back to a 7:00 PM dinner reservation. One more night of blogs and then it's time to come home. So sad. But until then, Aloha! and enjoy your Monday. 


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Maui - Day three

Holy Toledo, Batman! This place just gets better and better. I've already started my savings account for my next trip. Seriously. If you haven't been to Hawaii, get your funds together and get over here. We truly have not spent that much money since arriving and the trip over was very reasonable. Do it! You will not regret it.

Having no solid plans today, we decided to get up and do a little driving today. I made breakfast again and then we headed out. We headed north. I had only glanced at the map, but from what I could tell, we could drive all the way around the top part of the island. Oh you can, but about 8 miles of it is one lane. (and let's not tell Hertz. We weren't actually supposed to be driving it. Whoopsie!) It was a great adventure! We ran into the greatest little village ever. You just will never experience this anywhere else. The pictures don't even almost get close to doing it justice.



So, after this literal 3 hour tour, we were back to home base. We stopped for a little lunch and then Mondale let me shop again. :)

After a bit of rest we got ready and headed to our Luau. As if this morning's adventure wasn't enough, tonight's luau was magnificent. Beautiful doesn't even begin to describe it. We got there, took some great pictures and then it rained. Those of you who know how I feel about rain can only imagine my mood at this time. No umbrella - no real shelter - my hair is still soaking wet. But, I could care less. Once the rain moved through we saw two gorgeous rainbows, had some of the best food ever and saw a fantastic show. We both left with huge grins on our faces. This is what it was all about.


Tomorrow should prove to be another adventure. I'll keep you posted. :)